• Store Set-Up

    Posted on 8 Mar 2016 03:05

    My wife and I have been sorting sets like crazy for the past couple weeks.  Our UPS and FedEx delivery persons are probably fed up as well, because of all the stops they do at my house with new sets to sort!  So far, we have sorted out over 60,000 pieces and have them all separated in their own storage tray.  I have found out quickly that once I fill all of this up, I will be putting multiple parts in trays.  

    I have my inventory system figured out...I think.  A 1, A 2, B 1, etc. Letter for the storage unit, number for each tray in the unit.  When I run out of letters, AA 1, and so forth. Best thing I could think of for now.  

    I have bought a Brother label printer and putting the labels on each drawer.....there are lots of them. I burned through three cassette tapes of labels in one sitting.  Got all the way to S!!!  More on order and should have in a few days to finish up labeling drawers. After that, time to assign bin locations for all of the inventoried parts. Fun times.   

    Had my first "quote" for shipping for my first possible order!!  Excited to say the least!  

    Until next time.....  Brick on!!